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Austwide Plastics


Austwide Plastics Pty. Ltd. was established in 1986 when seal replacement services were quite unknown in the market.

At that time, refrigeration seal manufacturing was very much a specialized industry and highly controlled. We started small and slowly built up our expertise and now we manufacture a whole range of quality refrigeration seals and gaskets for all industries and also allow seals and gaskets available to the common market at affordable prices.

Always a suitable solution

Custom made seals & gaskets

Produce with utmost care and precision

Affordable solution

Market leaders in PVC extrusions

Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration seals, we supply more ranges of seals than others and we provide the best of services in terms of lower prices and prompt delivery.

We are also in the stage of corporation with German manufacturer Rehau in supplying refrigeration hardware to major Australian retail chain.

This new revamped website shows our resolve to better service not only the common users but also to trade businesses and wholesalers with user friendly and information rich search functionality.

Austwide Plastics